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Detailed crushing process of Asphalt Mobile Crusher Plant

The Asphalt Mobile Crusher Plant is mainly used in cement, chemical, metallurgy, building materials, refractory materials and other departments. It is used to crush medium-hard materials and can break up the crushing and fine crushing of limestone, slag, coke, coal and other materials. The Asphalt Mobile Crusher Plant is mainly composed of a roller, a roller support bearing, a pressing and adjusting device, and a driving device, and its main working components are two parallel mounted tooth rollers, each of which is arranged in the axial direction. A certain number of toothed rings can be broken by the rotation of the toothed rolls. The action of the general toothed rolls on the materials can be divided into three stages.

The first stage. When the Asphalt Mobile Crusher Plant is working, the roller teeth in the rotary motion encounter a large piece of material, and the material is first subjected to impact shearing, followed by tearing. If the piece can be bitten by the roller teeth, then it will enter the second stage for crushing. If the roller teeth are forced to slide along the surface of the material, and the rotation arrangement of the roller teeth forces the material to reverse, it is necessary to wait for the next pair of teeth to continue. Function until the material can reach the range of the second stage.

second stage. From the beginning of the material being bitten into the toothed roller of the Asphalt Mobile Crusher Plant, to the end of the previous pair of teeth. At this stage, the cross-section of the two teeth is gradually changed from large to small, and then increased. The particles with a large particle size are forcibly crushed and chopped due to the gradually smaller volume of the containment, and the crushed material is extruded and leaked from the flank gap.

The third phase. After the Asphalt Mobile Crusher Plant completes the first two stages of crushed materials, it enters the third stage. At this time, the first pair of teeth begins to detach from the phasing, and the broken materials will be drained and discharged, and the materials with different granularity will be The splitting bar is blocked in the device. When the tooth moves to the vicinity of the splitting bar, it cooperates with the splitting bar to crush the large piece of material and forcibly discharge it. In this way, the crushing process of a pair of teeth ends, there are not many teeth on the toothed ring, how many times the same process is performed when the toothed roller runs one week, and the cycle is repeated to realize the entire process of crushing the material.

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