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How to repair Bauxite Roll Crusher Machine           

The liner is the main component of the Bauxite Roll Crusher Machine used to protect the cylinder and is very important for the Bauxite Roll Crusher Machine. SBM found. Many users have reported that the Bauxite Roll Crusher Machine liner has a short service life and is prone to wear. So how do you fix a Bauxite Roll Crusher Machine?

Liners and rafts are two parts of the Bauxite Roll Crusher Machine that are severely worn, which is unavoidable for them. But in the face of wear and even break, what measures should be taken to face it is what we should do.

Here, we mainly discuss the problems related to the wear and tear of the Bauxite Roll Crusher Machine liner. For the lining with severe wear, if it is not necessary for repair, it should be replaced in time; only when the spare parts of the lining plate are scarce and the wear is not serious, the lining plate is repaired by surfacing.

1. Remove the lining and clean the lining to make the surface, knowing that the shiny metal is leaking.

2. In the bolt hole of the lining plate, think of a graphite plug, so as to ensure that the bolt hole of the rear of the lining is not reduced, and the lining plate is fixed.

3. Place the lining to be repaired on the construction platform of the surfacing site, and place it as horizontally as possible so that the working surface of the lining plate faces up.

4. Surfacing electrode, such as tdmn (180) or tdcrmn (220), low hydrogen electrode.

5, repair the work surface, clear the welding slag and other debris and the burrs around the lining, etc., the surfacing can be used manual arc, good by skilled workers, skilled workers to weld.

6. The surfacing procedure first welds the steel surfacing layer, then surfacing the combined surfacing layer, and then surfacing the wear-resistant alloy butt welding layer. This multi-layer surfacing method can be used to repair the non-alloy rigid Bauxite Roll Crusher Machine. Lining, touch liner and other parts. Surfacing is divided into a number of narrow sections, which are layered in sequence. In the post-surfacing, the working surface state such as the step shape and the wave-breaking lining should be designed according to the lining plate, and it must be smooth and flat to minimize the correction amount.

Although the surfacing repair can solve the temporary need, it is not a long-term solution. After the repair is completed, the operator should pay more attention to observe the use status of the equipment during the use of the Bauxite Roll Crusher Machine, check frequently, and replace the new liner in time.

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