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Concrete Crusher Machine

Concrete Crusher Machines are commonly used crushing equipment in industries such as metallurgy, mining, building materials and electric power. The seesaw is one of the main wearable parts and is currently mainly made of high manganese steel. However, its wear resistance is poor, its service life is short, and it needs to be replaced frequently, which not only wastes materials, but also affects normal work. Therefore, improving the life of the seesaw has become an urgent problem to be solved.

How Concrete Crusher Machines work

The material falls from the feeding port into the crushing chamber and collides with the high-speed rotating jaw. The crushed material hits the stringer with a certain gap at a high speed. The material with larger particle size is repeatedly crushed and broken. The required fine materials are removed through the crevices.

Failure analysis of jaws of Concrete Crusher Machine

During the work, the seesaw is also washed by the material in addition to the impact, so that the long-term repeated use, the working surface of the seesaw will be damaged, the surface shape will change, if used on the reversible Concrete Crusher Machine, the sides of the seesaw The edges and corners are ground into a smooth circular surface.

When the surface shape of the raft is not changed at the beginning of the work, the slab is mainly subjected to impact wear, and the material impacts the metal surface with a positive force to cause plastic deformation and impact crater. When the working surface of the slab is ground into a circular arc, the surface force changes at this time. The original hammer surface is subjected to force F. Now the force F acting on the wear surface can be decomposed into two components, one is The normal force perpendicular to the hammer surface is Fr=Fsina, and the other is the tangential force Fq=Fcosa parallel to the hammer surface. The former has an impact on the seesaw, and the latter causes cutting and erosion on the hammer face. The size of both depends on the impact angle a.

In the initial stage of the seesaw work, the impact angle a=90 degrees, at this time it should be manifested as impact wear. When the seesaw wears, the angle a becomes smaller, F, becomes larger, which causes the metal to migrate from the hammer surface, which is characterized by erosion wear. Such wear is the main form of seesaw failure. Although the impact of the material can produce a certain amount of work hardening, the impact force is not enough to form a solid hardened layer on the working face of the seesaw, which causes the wear resistance of the seesaw to be insufficient, and eventually the seesaw fails in the initial stage of work.

Therefore, the hardness of the seesaw can be improved, the wear resistance can be improved, and the impact wear can be alleviated; the toughness of the material can be improved to suppress the generation and expansion of the crack, which is beneficial to reduce the erosion wear. Therefore, choosing the right material is the basic way to improve the life of the seesaw.

Concrete Crusher Machine seesaw material selection

Manganese steel crucible. At present, most of the domestic Concrete Crusher Machine slabs are made of high-manganese steel, which has insufficient wear resistance and a very short service life. The fractured limestone slab can generally be used for 60-90d, and under certain special conditions, it can be used for less than 7d. At the same time, because the impact force of the slab in the work is not large, the work hardening effect of the high manganese steel slab is not significant, and its erosion resistance is poor. Since Cr can strengthen the austenite and increase the hardness, strength and wear resistance of the steel, adding Cr element to the high manganese steel can greatly strengthen the slab. When crushing iron ore, the service life of the raft is 50% higher than that of ordinary high manganese steel.

Low alloy steel slab. The composite raft has a high service life, but its casting and heat treatment process is complicated. To this end, in recent years, a variety of low-alloy steel slabs have been developed, and 40CrMnSiMoRe low-alloy steel slabs have been promoted. The 40CrMnSiMoRe steel alloy has low content of elements, low production cost and simple process, and the required mechanical strength can be obtained by suitable heat treatment.

After analyzing the running condition of the seesaw and the experiment on the Concrete Crusher Machine, it is confirmed that the material meets the performance indexes of the seesaw and can be used as a good seesaw material. The wear test of 40CrMnSiMoRe raft and high manganese steel raft was carried out. The test method is to install two rows of rafts on the Concrete Crusher Machine, each of which is installed in a row and run on the same machine. The test results are: 40CrMn-SiMoRe rafts run for 21d, high manganese steel slabs run for 14d, due to two types of rafts The wear length of the plates is different, so it is more practical to use the wear length to measure the actual service life.

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