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Status of China Gold Ore Crusher Industry

Since the reform and opening up, China's Gold Ore Crusher industry has developed rapidly, by 2010 the proportion of Gold Ore Crusher industry output in the world than the United States, becoming the largest Gold Ore Crusher industry. At present, more than 500 kinds of major industrial products, China has more than 220 kinds of production ranked first in the world.

Customer's Background:

But in recent years, with some local economic difficulties, the Chinese Gold Ore Crusher industry recession or even collapse of the argument is endless. This argument will generally be used in two ways: one is to give a few examples of Gold Ore Crusher supplier collapse, and then assert that some areas and even the national Gold Ore Crusher industry are in recession or collapse. Obviously, this "saw the trees do not see the forest" "blind people like" the argument there is a clear logic fallacy. The second is to exaggerate the problems and challenges of the development of China's Gold Ore Crusher industry, such as the low cost advantage of labor has been lost, facing the great challenges of the new industrial revolution, the lack of core technological innovation capability, and then that the Chinese Gold Ore Crusher industry can not cope with these problems and challenges , Will eventually go to recession and even collapse. It should be said that these problems and challenges exist in varying degrees, but they can lead to the decline of China's Gold Ore Crusher industry and even collapse it? Obviously can not. The following specific analysis.

Labor costs rise

In recent years, China's Gold Ore Crusher industry is facing outstanding problems and challenges is the rapid rise in labor costs. In the Gold Ore Crusher industry global value chain division of labor conditions, which to some extent prompted some Gold Ore Crusher suppliers to production plants to Southeast Asia and other lower labor costs and countries and regions. For a long time, the low cost of labor has always been regarded as an important comparative advantage of the rise of China's Gold Ore Crusher industry. However, with the process of industrialization in China, the demographic dividend gradually disappears and the population is aging, and the low cost advantage of labor is gradually disappearing. 2010, China's Gold Ore Crusher industry average wage of 30916 yuan in 2015 rose to 55,324 yuan. Some cross-border advisory group research report that China's labor costs, although compared with the developed countries is still far away, but has significantly exceeded the ASEAN and other emerging economies. Needless to say, with the level of China's economic development, labor costs will be further improved, which is a country's economic modernization of the inevitable trend. The question is, if China lost the low cost advantage of labor, Gold Ore Crusher industry will collapse? Has grown into the Gold Ore Crusher industry's first major country, is from the big country to the power of China, the future development of the Gold Ore Crusher industry, the strategic basis of the labor force should also be on the low cost advantage? The answer is obviously no.

On the Gold Ore Crusher industry labor costs, should establish the following points. First, since the reform and opening up, China has made full use of the comparative advantages of low-cost elements to quickly promote the process of industrialization, which is undoubtedly the right path of development. Second, as China's industrialization process into the late, there has been a trend of labor costs, which is affected by the increase in the amount of agricultural labor transfer and the total amount of new labor have reduced the impact of supply and demand, but also the development of the concept of change and development Must be required. China's economic development mode is driven from factor-driven to innovation-driven, from quantitative expansion to quality improvement, relying on low-cost labor advantage is impossible to achieve this change. Moreover, it is necessary to improve the labor remuneration of laborers, especially ordinary laborers, and meet the essential requirements of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and to insist on sharing the development. Third, from the micro-enterprise level, although the increase in labor costs will affect the efficiency of Gold Ore Crusher suppliers, some lack of innovation capacity of enterprises will be bankrupt or low-cost countries to transfer the phenomenon of the factory, but this is China's Gold Ore Crusher industry transformation and upgrading The price that must be paid. China's economy from factor-driven to innovation-driven transformation itself is a process of Ebb Tide, some companies are eliminated, there will be more innovative enterprises to grow up. Once the Gold Ore Crusher supplier to understand the development trend, the labor costs will rise to the pressure of enterprise transformation and upgrading, innovation and development momentum.

In fact, in recent years, there have been many Gold Ore Crusher supply cost pressures for the innovation power, along the Gold Ore Crusher industry high-end, information technology, service, intelligent, green development direction of continuous innovation, new products, new formats , New models continue to emerge, China's Gold Ore Crusher industry, the new kinetic energy is growing. Those who, due to rising labor costs in the Gold Ore Crusher industry, assert that the Chinese Gold Ore Crusher industry will collapse.

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