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Ore Milling Equipment Industry Development Trend

China's Ore Milling Equipment industry to rely on the market to guide enterprise development, and guide the direction of technological development, to stimulate the vitality of the industry, not only limited to the production of products, but also to develop a variety of different business models, from a single product supplier into a comprehensive program Providers, combined with upstream and downstream to become a composite supplier, or into the Internet technology to develop business areas. Reporters in the interview Ore Milling Equipment related businesses found that at present, many Ore Milling Equipment suppliers have been successfully developed a variety of business models, so that enterprises develop more efficient, more flexible means, the industry development is more healthy and stable.

Customer's Background:

China's Ore Milling Equipment industry to enter the medium-term growth period, transformation and upgrading has started, but difficult ahead. China's Ore Milling Equipment industry overcapacity problem is still prominent, the core technology needs to break through, Ore Milling Equipment industry, state-owned enterprise reform difficulties, small and medium-sized Ore Milling Equipment suppliers face sustainable development problems.

Experts said that the next period of time is expected, China's Ore Milling Equipment industry downstream pressure is expected to slow down stabilized, the industry will be in the bottom of the "L" shape to continue consolidation, and will continue to run in the bottom area for a long period of time, until the transformation and upgrading significantly effective, Can enter the current round of economic adjustment of the recovery stage. Ore Milling Equipment industry in the intelligent manufacturing, service-oriented manufacturing, the core of basic parts, green equipment, and many other areas will have better investment opportunities.

Compared with the domestic Ore Milling Equipment industry, the international Ore Milling Equipment industry development steadily, the international Ore Milling Equipment industry development trend is towards the intelligent mode of production, development model service, green, innovative way network collaboration, organization flat The development of the direction of the platform. From the Ore Milling Equipment industry upgrade route point of view, after more than ten years of growth, manufacturing technology, automation technology and modern management and other aspects of the concept has been deeply rooted, if the Ore Milling Equipment suppliers do not fall after the need to improve the vitality of enterprises.

Cultivate Ore Milling Equipment Industry Talent

In order to implement the "Made in China 2025", improve the personnel training system, innovative personnel development system and mechanism to further improve the Ore Milling Equipment industry talent team quality, in order to achieve the strategic goal of manufacturing power to provide personnel to ensure that a few days ago, the Ministry of Education, Human Resources and Social Security , Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the "Ore Milling Equipment industry talent development planning guide" notice.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Party Secretary, Minister Miao Wei has said that China's Ore Milling Equipment industry to strengthen the spirit of artisans, take the talent to lead the development path.

Talent is the fundamental to create a strong country, we must continue to improve the ability of talent advanced Ore Milling Equipment industry development, improve the multi-level multi-type personnel training system. To create a high level of management personnel. To improve the level of modern management and enterprise competitiveness as the core, and promote the implementation of enterprise management and management personnel to enhance the quality of the project, the national SME Galaxy training project to speed up the upgrading of Ore Milling Equipment industry business management personnel professional level. Strengthen the cultivation of professional and technical skills personnel. Further increase the professional and technical personnel and technical personnel training efforts, for the Ore Milling Equipment industry focus areas, the construction of a number of shortage of personnel training base, to carry out "order" training.

In this regard, the "Guide" proposed to guide the college enrollment program to the Ore Milling Equipment industry ten major areas of the relevant professional tilt, expand the Ore Milling Equipment industry major basic research, major scientific research direction of the doctoral training scale, improve the focus area of ​​professional Degree of graduate education.

In addition to these 10 areas, the "Guide" also pointed out that around the "four base" construction, intelligent manufacturing, "Internet + manufacturing" and other fields, focusing on training advanced design, key manufacturing processes, materials, digital modeling and simulation, industrial control And automation, industrial cloud services and large data use and other aspects of professional and technical personnel.

In this regard, Tianjin University, Department of Precision Instruments and optoelectronic engineering vice president Yang Qiubo said that the rapid development of large data, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, network security, health and other new economic areas have been the phenomenon of talent supply shortage.

Therefore, it is necessary to close the actual needs of the development of China's Ore Milling Equipment industry, strengthen the national education development and reform strategic planning, optimize the layout, level and structure of the institutions, so that academic education and non-academic education coordinated development, vocational education and general education communicate with each other Education and post-vocational education effective convergence; optimize the discipline and professional settings, both focus on research and development of personnel training, but also focus on the application of personnel training; optimize the training program, not only focus on the cultivation of generic personnel, but also focus on professional personnel training. Training a large number of high-quality management personnel, high-level R & D personnel and highly skilled application of talent for the Ore Milling Equipment industry from China to China to create the creation of "the source of living water."

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