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The New Industrial Revolution Is A Challenge And An Opportunity

After the outbreak of the international financial crisis in 2008, the developed countries have proposed to revive the Quarry Crusher industry and vigorously develop the real economy as the core of the "re-industrialization" strategy, such as the United States launched the "advanced Quarry Crusher industry action plan", Germany " Wait.

Customer's Background:

The core of "re-industrialization" is not simply to increase the proportion of Quarry Crusher industry output, but through the integration of modern information technology and Quarry Crusher industry, manufacturing and service integration to improve the complex product manufacturing capacity and quickly meet the individual needs of consumers, Quarry Crusher industry to regain competitive advantage. This is considered to have set off a new industrial revolution. The new industrial revolution is based on a new generation of information technology, data as the core elements of investment, intelligent manufacturing as the main direction to the scope of the economy as the main source of efficiency of the integration of industrial development and socio-economic change. The challenge of the new industrial revolution to China's Quarry Crusher industry is that, on the one hand, intelligent applications such as artificial intelligence and robots will further reduce the proportion of labor costs in the total input of the Quarry Crusher industry, thus accelerating the low cost advantage of weakening our elements. On the one hand, the developed countries to use its new industrial revolution in the first-mover advantage, and constantly strengthen its global competitive advantage and high-end position of the value chain, if China can not quickly catch up with the developed countries, the technology gap will be further widened, The formation of China's industrial restructuring and upgrading of the suppression of the original industry and catch up with the path, is not conducive to China's Quarry Crusher industry to the global high-end chain of value chain.

However, the new industrial revolution on China's Quarry Crusher industry is not only a challenge, it is a major historic opportunity. China has entered the late industrialization, is in the economic restructuring and upgrading of the critical period. The new industrial revolution has spawned a large number of new technologies, new industries, new forms and new models for China's Quarry Crusher industry from the low-end to the high-end has laid a technical and economic foundation, a clear development direction for China's scientific development of industrial development strategy, Transformation and upgrading, to master the development of the initiative provides an important opportunity. With the previous two industrial revolution occurred in China's poor and weak situation is different, and now China's comprehensive national strength has been the forefront of the world, has formed a complete industrial system and a solid manufacturing base to become the world's largest Quarry Crusher industry and worthy of the name Industrial power, with the opportunity to seize the industrial revolution in the industrial base conditions. At the same time, China has a large scale, diverse needs of the domestic market, the new industrial revolution can provide a strong market demand for power.

It is based on this background, in May 2015 the State Council issued a "Made in China 2025". This is aimed at the domestic and international economic and social development and industrial reform of the general trend of the development of a long-term strategic planning and high-end industrial development, technological progress road map. It is to deal with a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform as the focus, to promote the Quarry Crusher industry innovation and development as the theme, to improve quality and efficiency as the center to speed up the new generation of information technology and Quarry Crusher industry integration as the main line to promote intelligent manufacturing As the main direction to meet the economic and social development and national defense construction of major technical equipment needs as the goal, efforts to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, to achieve Quarry Crusher industry from large to strong historical leap. Although the "Made in China 2025" introduced less than two years, but both in the innovation center construction and other five projects, or in the quality of brand building, Quarry Crusher industry and Internet integration, etc., have shown significant results.

Visible, in the face of the new industrial revolution, our country has the ability to seize the opportunity, take advantage of the momentum and promote the integration of industrialization and information technology, to create new advantages of international competition. Facts will prove that China's Quarry Crusher industry will not only because of the challenges of the new industrial revolution and collapse, but will seize the opportunity to achieve leapfrog development.

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