Ball Mill Machine Design And Specifications

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What configuration does the Ball Mill Machine need for the processing of calcite?

Guide: The Ball Mill Machine can be used to process non-flammable and explosive brittle materials with a Mohs hardness of less than 9 grades, such as calcite and dolomite. For the processing of these materials, different configurations are required in different production lines. Mainly to introduce the problems of the configuration required for the processing of calcite in the machine.

The Ball Mill Machine is mainly used for grinding the material. In the production, the material needs to meet the Mohs hardness of less than 9 grades, and the size can meet the requirements of the Ball Mill Machine. At the same time, the different models of the machine can be used in the production line of different materials. In different production processes, the production configuration that needs to be invested is also different, and needs to be configured according to the actual situation.

Calcite is only one of the materials that can be processed by the Ball Mill Machine. The most common type of natural calcium carbonate is it. It is widely distributed and can be used not only in industrial production such as construction, but also in the pharmaceutical industry. The production and life are very helpful, so what are the required configurations when processing this material?

First of all, the material that can be processed by the Ball Mill Machine, no matter which one, must meet the feed size, the maximum size can not exceed 20 mm, but the size of the original ore is relatively large, so in the production line, the crushing equipment needs to be the first stone. It is crushed and then grinded by a Ball Mill Machine to select which crusher to choose. Mainly based on the production situation;

The second is the broken calcite, which needs to be transported to the Ball Mill Machine for processing. Therefore, when working, you need an uncle equipment - a belt conveyor and a feeder. The choice of these two machines is also needed. According to the actual situation of production and the model of the Ball Mill Machine;

Once again, in the process of calcite production, the material discharged from the Ball Mill Machine is discharged directly into the fineness of the finished product. It is also needed to purify the exhaust gas dust removal device. The purpose of this device is to protect the environment and also require customers.

The article mainly introduces the problems of the configuration of the Ball Mill Machine for the processing of calcite. What is needed in the above configuration, the above is a detailed description of the problem, first of all, the crushing equipment, followed by the conveying and feeding equipment, and again the purification of the exhaust gas. The dust removal device is introduced and the role of each required configuration is introduced. The configuration of the Ball Mill Machine production process is very important and is related to the efficiency of the overall production.

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