Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill

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Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill price and performance advantages

As a professional cement milling machine, Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill is an important cement production equipment in the cement production process. The produced cement clinker (and gelling agent, performance adjusting material, etc.) enters the silt of the cement mill evenly through the inlet port, and there are lining plates and steel balls of different sizes and sizes in the bin. The centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the cement mill body drops the steel ball to a certain height and then falls, causing heavy impact and grinding on the cement clinker. After coarse grinding in the warehouse, enter the first warehouse. At this time, the cement clinker has basically met the requirements for the clinker particle size in the cement production, and further grinded in the first chamber with the grinding medium to achieve high yield and high quality. Cement production requirements.

The price of Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill will be affected by many factors, as follows:

  • 1. The geographical location of the manufacturer is different, and the price setting is different. The geographical location of the manufacturer affects the raw material price of the Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill and the transportation cost of the Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill. However, as the Shibang Industrial Technology Group in Henan, the price is relatively favorable, because the production and labor processing costs in the first-tier cities are relatively low.
  • 2, the material of the Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill, the size of the equipment, the different models will affect the price to varying degrees, you can conduct online detailed consultation according to your own situation, so that the answer is more accurate.
  • 3. The price of the Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill will also be related to the nature of the selected manufacturer. For the intermediate supplier, the price will be high and the service will be unprofessional. Therefore, we recommend that you choose factory direct sales.

Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill performance advantages:

  • 1. Wide application range and long service life: The transmission between the metal wheel of the equipment and the wear-resistant polymer material wheel is completely rolling friction, which can reduce the noise and wear to a minimum, avoiding the phenomenon of gear breakage and damage. The ground extends the life of the equipment.
  • 2. Low investment and high grinding efficiency: only need to use grinding aid, which can improve the grinding efficiency and reduce the power consumption of grinding, and does not require a large amount of equipment investment.
  • 3. The spindle performance is good and the processing capacity is high: the main bearing adopts the large diameter double row self-aligning stick bearing, which reduces the friction and reduces the energy consumption, making the equipment easy to start; the equipment also retains the end cover structure form of the ordinary mill. The large diameter inlet and outlet ports significantly increase the throughput.
  • 4, the structure is simple, the operation is stable: the structure is simple and easy to install separately, the equipment has no inertia impact, which makes the operation more stable, and reduces the maintenance time of the mill stop and increase the efficiency.

In summary, I have already given you a good choice. I hope that when choosing equipment, consider these price factors and choose a Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill that suits your situation. In addition, the Ultra-Fine Grinding Mill is a professional cement grinding machine that you can use for reference.

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