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Vertical Mill processing technology "4 stages"

After grinding, calcium carbonate powder is often used in many fields such as plastics, rubber, paper making, building materials, etc.: After being ground by a Vertical Mill, calcium carbonate is transformed into an inorganic powder material, which is non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, etc. A very environmentally friendly green material, the future investment prospects are very good, so the economic benefits of investing in a calcium carbonate powder processing line are very impressive!

Investing in a calcium carbonate powder production line requires an important understanding of the calcium carbonate powder production equipment configuration and calcium carbonate processing technology. The production line processes required to produce different fineness or required calcium carbonate finished products are different, and the equipment selection and Vertical Mill There are also some differences in the installation. Under normal circumstances, the main equipment for the production of calcium carbonate powder includes crushing equipment, fine crushing equipment, grinding equipment, screening equipment and other equipment of calcium carbonate raw materials, and the process flow can be mainly divided into the following. 4 stages & rdquo;:

Stage 1: Breaking stage

The equipment is a jaw crusher or a hammer crusher. The crushing equipment is used to crush the bulk material of calcium carbonate. The crushing requirement is that the discharge granularity meets the requirements of the feed size of the next stage mill.

Stage 2: Grinding stage

The equipment is a Vertical Mill: the calcium carbonate small material after crushing the crusher is first sent to the silo through the hoist, and then uniformly and quantitatively fed into the Vertical Mill through the vibrating feeder for grinding. Here Xiaobian proposes to choose SCM series of Vertical Mill produced by Shibang Industrial Technology Group Co., Ltd., which has been verified by countless practices and is a better equipment in the grinding stage of calcium carbonate processing technology! One of the characteristics of the reinforced Vertical Mill designed and produced by our factory is that it is very suitable for fine grinding of scrap metal materials. It can grind materials to about 3000 mesh. More and more users choose reinforced superfine grinders.

Stage 3: Powder selection stage

The equipment is an analysis machine or a classifier: the ultra-fine powder of calcium carbonate powdered by the Vertical Mill is sent into the analysis machine by the air flow of the high-pressure fan, and the qualified powder is selected under the action of the blade of the analyzer. . The unqualified powder is returned to the mill under the action of the blade for re-grinding.

Stage 4: Powder collection stage

The equipment is a cyclone powder collector: the qualified calcium carbonate powder selected by the analyzer is collected by the pipeline into the dust collector with the airflow, and then discharged from the discharge valve to be the finished product.

The above four stages are the entire processing flow of the Vertical Mill. Customers who want to invest in the calcium carbonate ultrafine powder production line can refer to this process for production. For more relevant investment guidance, you can also consult the online customer service staff of Shibang Industrial Technology Group Co., Ltd.

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